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Download Themes Windows 7 Aero Themes

Windows Aero is the graphical user interface and the default theme in most editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, operating systems released by Microsoft. It is also available in Windows Server 2008, but is not enabled by default. Its name is a backronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. Intended to be a cleaner, more powerful, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing user interface than the previously used theme (Luna), it includes new translucency, live thumbnails, live icons, animations and eye candy. Aero also encompasses a set of user interface design guidelines for Microsoft Windows.

Windows Aero is revised in Windows 7, with several UI changes, a more touch-friendly UI and many new visual effects and features:

  • Aero Peek
  • Aero Shake 
  • Aero Snap
  • Aero Snap Touch UI 

These themes for Windows 7 are free for personal use. Don’t bother on trying them with Vista or XP because they just wont work. All the wallpapers used in the themes are credit to their respective authors, but the work done in putting up these themes together is all mine. I’m all open to requests for themes of particular types.

Aero is a collection of Windows 7 Themes, all of following Windows 7 themes are available for free so download, apply and change the old look of your computer screen with new one.  You may also checkout some other collections of Windows 7 themes by clicking on following integrated links. As we know windows 7 is already very beautiful due to its Aero interface and nice looks. Why don’t we go for a change rather than seeing the default theme every day?. So Here are Some of the Most Themes Windows 7 Aero Themes.

*Seven Aero Shine Black Theme for Windows 7 
Download Seven Aero Shine Black 

*Seven Aero Clear Big Border Theme for Windows 7  
Download Seven Aero Clear Big Border

*Aero Crystal  Theme for Windows 7
Download Aero Crystal 

*Aero Xtreme 7 Theme for Windows 7
Download Aero Xtreme 7
Buat teman-teman yan ingin download themes windows 7 silahkan saya sediakan dengan gratis. Yang pengen lihat-lihat koleksi themes windows 7 lainnya seperti themes windows 7 naruto, themes windows 7 ferrari, themes windows 7 untuk windows xp silahkan klik link pada masing-masing tautan tersebut. Thnks for all, Semoga bermanfaat salam sukses dari blog komputer newbie ini.

sumber : http://ilmu-komputer23.blogspot.com/2010/09/themes-windows-7-aero-themes.html

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